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School re-opens, How to guide my son to score good marks ?

June 08, 2011 | No Comments

  Question: My son is going to 12th Std.  He is interested in medicine.  What steps should be taken to guide him to get good marks? T.T.Rangarajan ( Voice of Love): There is a law of vibrations which states, “With a selfless intent, in a state of integrity, whatever words you speak will become vibrations [...]

ouch…I got a bad boss !

ouch…I got a bad boss !

May 31, 2011 | No Comments

    Question: What do you do if you get a bad boss? T.T.Rangarajan (Voice of Love): First remember, ‘bad boss’ is a perception and all perceptions are relative and subjective.  A ‘bad boss’ just means that the chemistry between you and your boss isn’t working, and it may be working perfectly with someone else. [...]


‘ Become a Buddha or aid in Buddha becoming ?’ – T.T.Rangarajan

May 17, 2011 | 1 Comment

Each of us would either become a Buddha or aid in a ‘Buddha becoming’; either become an Osama Bin Laden or aid in a ‘Bin Laden becoming’.  The collective thoughts and vibrations of human consciousness crystallise in one human being – positive or negative, divine or evil, prosperous or poor. So many times the course [...]

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Copy of 2 Laws

‘Two laws of Brand Building…’ – T.T.Rangarajan

May 06, 2011 | No Comments

Question: We have been, till now, focusing on high value products.  We observe that there is a huge market for the low value products.  Should we diversify?  We need clarity. T.T.Rangarajan(Voice of Love): For Brand building, the market positioning is very important.  You have to take into consideration these two laws of Branding. There is [...]


Every day quarrel with wife, No divorce, should one of us end our life?

May 03, 2011 | 6 Comments

  Question: My wife and I quarrel every day.  The issue is always small.  We both lose our control.  Our life is colourless.  Divorce isn’t the solution.  Should one of us end our life? Voice of Love (T.T.Rangarajan): Foremost of all, promise me as you read this sentence, you have dropped your thoughts of suicide.  [...]


‘Your words creates your world…’ – by T.T.Rangarajan

April 28, 2011 | 1 Comment

 My Resolve Utter the following words and observe the feelings it kindles in you.  Flowers, rainbow, Buddha, baby, darling, sunrise, love, ecstasy, friend, gift, Top of the World…  Now utter these words and observe the feelings.  War, thorn, volcano, Osama, graveyard, betrayal, crisis, suffering, hatred, pulling on… Words have the power to make or [...]

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Love your Body_Thumb

On World Health Day – Pearl from Alma Mater – ‘Love your body’…

April 07, 2011 | No Comments

Love your body.  You have been living in your body since birth.  Your body is your address in this lifetime.  All of us inherit genes and hence we are born in different forms and formations.  Very little can be done with the genetic coding, but a lot can be done with the way we look [...]

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